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Backstage Bar & Billiards

Backstage Bar & Billiards (AKA Triple B) is a music lounge co-owned by Carlos “Big Daddy” Adley & DJ Lethal of House of Pain and Limp Bizkit.

Triple B has a casual, rock ‘n’ roll lounge vibe that makes you feel like you are backstage at a gig and actually you are! Backstage Bar’s name came from the fact that the bar is backstage to the adjoining Fremont Country Club music venue. Triple B’s eclectic décor includes custom furniture by Anvil Cases, original print concert posters from some of the most famous concerts in the history of rock ‘n’ roll and a “turntable library” covering eight decades. For those who want to shoot some pool, there are five tables. A wide variety of drinks are served — from domestic beers to cleverly created cocktails.

Capacity: 450
601 E Freemont St, Las Vegas, NV, 89101