The Great Saltair | LNE Presents

The Great Saltair

Saltair is an all-ages concert and events venue that offers all the ambiance and accommodations promoters look for. Outfitted with a large stage and a state-of-the-art PA system, the grand hall has plenty of space for concertgoers to dance while listening to high-quality concert sound.

The upstairs mezzanine area offers concertgoers who are 21 or older the opportunity to relax and socialize while ordering a few drinks at Saltair Sky, a full bar.

Along with the main concert hall, Saltair now offers a picturesque amphitheater, seated along the side of the building, overlooking the peaceful waters of the Great Salt Lake.

Capacity: 7000 (Outdoor) + 4000 (Indoor)
All Ages
12408 W Saltair Dr., Magna, UT, 84044